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Writing printing specifications for accurate quotes. Whether you decide to print traditional offset or on-demand, all printers need basic information to get you accurate book printing estimates. Among other details, an accurate printing estimate requires a quantity, a trim size, and a page count. If you are in the predesign, early planning stage of self-publishing, […]


Book Printing Estimates

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Ten things to consider when deciding your book’s size. There are many different trim sizes for books, so how do you choose the right size? There are standard book sizes, but as a sell publisher, you also have some leeway. To decide the right size for your book, you want to consider your book’s genre, […]

Determining Trim Size


Book trim size

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The top 10 ways to save. Apart from having a squeaky clean manuscript, these are the top 10 ways you can save money when self-publishing your book. Choosing the best process for your needs upfront is the easiest way to save money when self-publishing, and it’s best to decide before you even start designing your […]


How to Save Money on Book Printing

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Choose the Best Printing Method For Your Book. Choosing the best printing process for your needs is the easiest way to save money when self-publishing, and it is best to decide before you start designing your book. To decide Print-On-Demand Vs. Offset, take some time, and seriously consider how many books you will need. Many […]

Print-on-Demand vs. Offset


Print-On-Demand Vs. Offset

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