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Is publishing an E-book right for me? Many people assume that it is simple to create an e-book from their designed book files. But this is not always the case. E-books are very different from print books, and some books just don’t make good e-books. If you are considering creating an e-book, decide early because […]

Book Basics

Can I Create An E-book From My Print Book?

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Best practices  Nothing is more infuriating than to open your newly printed book, and the first thing you see is an error. Here are some tips to get you proofreading like a pro. There is no substitute for proofing your document. Software grammar and spell checkers are great tools to use, and they get better […]

proofreading like a pro

Manuscript Prep.

Proofreading Like a Pro

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Three ways to consider design while writing your book The number one way to save money on your book’s design is to consider its design while writing and editing. When you consider the book’s structure and build on consistency, it always makes for a better reader experience.  It is not nearly as crucial to maintaining […]

Manuscript Prep.

Writing for the Best Design

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A Squeaky Clean Manuscript Saves Time, Money, and Hassle in All Steps of Your Publishing Project. A squeaky clean manuscript saves time, money, and hassle throughout the entire publishing process, from editing, design, and proofing to creating an ebook. When you strip your document of unnecessary noise like extra returns and spaces and use style […]

Manuscript Prep.

The Squeaky Clean Manuscript

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