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Learn your options, and make informed decisions. A note about COVID 19: When I first developed this tool, COVID 19 was not an issue.  However, I still feel it is essential to go into a bookstore to see how your genre presents itself on the shelf.  Besides, you will need to flip through books to […]

Book Basics

The Fact-finding Mission

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The top 10 ways to save. Apart from having a squeaky clean manuscript, these are the top 10 ways you can save money when self-publishing your book. Choosing the best process for your needs up front is the easiest way to save money when self-publishing, and it’s best to decide before you ever start designing […]


How to Save Money on Book Printing

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A Squeaky Clean Manuscript Saves Time, Money, and Hassle in All Steps of Your Publishing Project. A clean document saves time, money, and hassle in all steps of the publishing process from editing, design, and proofing to creating an ebook. By stripping your document of all unnecessary formatting like extra returns and spaces, and by […]

Manuscript Prep.

The Squeaky Clean Manuscript

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Not All Fonts are Equal. Fonts (also known as typefaces) are small applications that work within other applications to render type. Not all computers have the same fonts, and not all fonts are equal, and even when fonts have the same name, they may be different. Typefaces are intellectual property and are not licensed to […]


The Best Typeface for Your Book

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Choose the Best Printing Method For Your Book. Choosing the best printing process for your needs is the easiest way to save when self-publishing, and it is best to decide before you start designing your book. Take some time and seriously consider how many books you will need. Many self-publishers choose digital, only to discover […]


Print on Demand vs. Offset Printing

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