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Learn your options, and make informed decisions. A note about COVID 19: When I first developed this tool, COVID 19 was not an issue.  However, I still feel it is essential to go into a bookstore to see how your genre presents itself on the shelf.  Besides, you will need to flip through books to […]

Book Basics

The Fact-finding Mission

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Is formatting my own book right for me? Many writers ask, “Do I have to spend all that money to have my book’s interior pages professionally designed?”  “There aren’t even any photos.” “There can’t be much to formatting a book with only text. Can there?” Well, you may be surprised by how much goes into […]

Book Basics

Can I Save Money Designing My Own Book?

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The top 10 ways to save. Apart from having a squeaky clean manuscript, these are the top 10 ways you can save money when self-publishing your book. Choosing the best process for your needs up front is the easiest way to save money when self-publishing, and it’s best to decide before you ever start designing […]


How to Save Money on Book Printing

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