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Three ways to consider design while writing your book The number one way to save money on your book’s design is to consider its design while writing and editing. When you consider the book’s structure and build on consistency, it always makes for a better reader experience.  It is not nearly as crucial to maintaining […]

Manuscript Prep.

Writing for the Best Design

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Learn your options, and make informed decisions. A note about COVID 19: When I first developed this tool, the bookstore activity was intended to be immersive. On your Fact-finding Mission, you would look for books in your genre as a potential buyer would. While there, you could see how the books that called to you […]

Book Basics

The Fact-finding Mission

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Is formatting my own book right for me? Many writers ask, “Do I have to spend all that money to have my book’s interior pages professionally designed?”  “There aren’t even any photos.” “There can’t be much to formatting a book with only text. Can there?” Well, you may be surprised by how much goes into […]

Book Basics

Can I Save Money Designing My Own Book?

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…and what has changed to make it possible. Why is self-publishing so popular with writers? The short answer is, because we can. Changes in design and printing processes have made the dependency on specialized companies a thing of the past. These processes are now open to anyone with the desire to learn. I’ll explain the […]

Book Basics

Why Do Writers Choose to Self-publish?

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