I understand the stress of self-publishing a book. There are so many steps and services it is hard to know what to do, who to trust, and where to go. My clients come to me, not only for design, but to get help making sense of it all. 

My blog—and ultimately my courses—will not only give you the tools to confidently self-publish a beautiful book. A book you can be proud of. But they will also help keep you connected to your dream with useful information, inspiration, and community to support you in achieving your publishing goals.

Hi, I'm Charlie

And yes, you can publish that book you've been dreaming about!

My studio began as a full service design studio in 1993, offering graphic design from logos, brochures and exhibits to newsletters and books. Over the years I built a reputation for outstanding design. My diverse clientele includes writers; federal, state, city and pueblo agencies; health and literacy organizations; artists and galleries; museums and universities; and numerous non-profits, small businesses and individuals.  Although diverse, one thing all my clients have in common is the desire to inspire, educate and communicate through text and images. 

I have always loved designing books from the simplest text-only books to more complex illustrative pieces. My love for the work showed, and by word of mouth, I soon began to get more book design projects.  I believe that the success of my design work was in part due to my business philosophy—which I will carry forward to my blog and courses. 

My Company

3 Things
That Guide Me


My WorK

Strive to make my client's lives easier.

Deliver more than they expect.  

Minimize surprises...
surprises rarely are a good thing.

And use design to not only look beautiful but to help communicate.

As a designer there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than to make complex material easier to understand.  From graphic design and typography to writing and course creation, my love for clarity, content, and process is what guides me. 

Message clarity.  
I value being direct and clear with content and typography. I like straight-forward language along with conventional typography. Less is often more in writing as well as design.

Creating processes.  
Once I have figured out a way to do something I like to create a process to make that task efficient and trouble free.



Visual order and clarity.
I get satisfaction from bringing text and images together to create clarity as well as to create an experience.  

Business Philosophy

I love...